Communal Studies Association

One of the main requirements for the construction of this website was the implementation of a content management system (CMS). The Communal Studies Association was looking for a system that could help them maintain their site easily, but that could also expand and adapt more functionality for the future where they see their users actively participating in the website’s content creation.

My approach was to use the WordPress Engine, taking advantage of its flexibility and extensive plug-ins library. The result is a sober website that is very sustainable from the client’s end as they remain in complete control over it, but also highly customizable and flexible.

Paypal Store
On the original site paypal buttons were used on tbe store. I reuse the same buttons, but customize their appearance as well as integrated other UI controls to generate a more intuitive store experience.

Customizable Forms
By using a WordPress plug-in I was able to setup email forms that the customer can actually manage without loosing control of their appearance.


Project Info

  • My role was to design the website UI, and to code the HTML and the CSS that supports the WordPress theme.
  • This was a direct contract with The Communal Studies Association.