Lista Groceries Beta

Lista Groceries Beta was the first iteration of the Lista app. The project started with the idea of satisfying a personal need for a user friendly web app for groceries list creation, something key for my husband and I since we consider ourselves “busy cooks”. We love to cook and we do it almost every night.

This was a very exciting and challenging project as it allowed me to dig into HTML5, CSS3, CSS media queries, SASS, among other goodies, and really get a handle on what responsive design was all about. It was also great as I got to work on design, development, and product ownership.



Project Info

  • My role is to design the user experience, this includes user flows, visual design, interface design and usability testing. I'm also in charge of coding the HTML and CSS that supports the application. I'm one of the product owners.
  • I'm developing this project as my own initiative.