Meal Plan Notes

Expanding the functionality of Lista’s Meal Planning tool a new feature will be added soon that will allow users to add notes to a day on the meal calendar. The idea came out from the fact that sometimes no cooking is happening on a day, however is great to be able to note that in the meal planner. We thought that best way was to make it very visual, so we used a real-life reference such as the post-it note in addition to icons.


We designed 4 preset notes that users can quickly pick from, and a custom note where users can enter their own message.



Notes are shown in the meal calendar as recipes are shown, allowing users to make reference to common dishes they will be preparing.



When users access a menu from a day, notes display both the icon and the message entered.



Project Info

  • My role was to design the UI, UX, and iconography. I was also in charge of coding the HTML and CSS.
  • Designed while working at Lista company which I Co-Founded. This feature is currently under development.