Pintley Partners Beta

Pintley Partners Beta is the interface that allows beer brewers to connect with their customers and expand on their marketing efforts. With the idea of promoting new enhancements for this interface, Pintley commissioned to me the design of a marketing section on their website.

The pages on this section were connected by a top navigation and a series of buttons that introduced each of them as next steps generating a guided tour trough the micro site.

iPhone App Splash and Home page

Popularity Graphic
As part of the promotional pages I designed this graphic that illustrates Pintley’s viral marketing cycle.

iPhone App Splash and Home page

Pricing Table
The great characteristic of this pricing table is that is not graphic dependant, relaying on HTML and CSS. This makes is easy to update maintaining it’s visual impact.


Project Info

  • My role was to design the pages layout, create the illustrations used, and code the HTML and the CSS.
  • This was a direct contract with The Pintley Company Inc.