Premium Recipes for Lista

Premium Recipes on Lista are recipes created by the Lista team that offer step-by-step instructions, illustrated with photography and rich media. These recipes are also presented in a layout optimized for mobile devices, allowing people to use their favorite device in the kitchen while cooking.

As users, one of our main struggles when it comes to cook a recipe we find on the web, is being able to see the recipe on our tablet at a readable size. In addition many times advertising overload imposes visual clutter and makes the browser malfunction. With this in mind we went on designing a better UX to showcase our own recipes, freeing the layout from advertising and  non-related content.



Each recipe begins with a photo of the ingredients to be used to encourage getting everything in place (mise an place) before starting to cook.



We included as well cooking techniques using animations. This allowed us to better illustrate the technique, increasing recall.







Project Info

  • My role was to design the UI, UX, and produce the photography. I was also in charge of coding the HTML and CSS.
  • Designed while working at Lista company which I Co-Founded.