Seasonal Meal Plans for Lista

Lista’s Seasonal Meal Plans promotes cooking recipes with ingredients that are in season. The interface provides people with a set of recipes, an organized grocery list, cooking tips, and ideas on how to make the best out of the fresh produce that many receive from their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership or that they get at the Farmers Market.


The latest Meal Plan is promoted on Lista’s homepage. There we highlighted the main pieces of the product as well as reasons on why cook with the meal plan.




As meal plans are published they are organized by season. Users can browse the catalog and quickly find menus to save to their account.



In addition to 4 weeknight recipes, the seasonal meal plans include 3 additional bonus recipes with ideas on how to cook staples and other dishes at home.


Ingredients Included
Each seasonal meal plan is focused in using a good quantity of produce. To highlight this we shot as part of each meal plan all of the produce used in the recipes and promoted them on a “Cooking Dashboard” that users access to cook their meal plan.
Grocery List
An organized grocery list is included on each meal plan. Users can access this from their mobile device an use at while shopping at the store.
Make Ahead Recipes
To speed up the process of cooking during the week, we broke down recipes that could be cooked ahead of time and presented them in a separate area. This allowed users to plan out their cooking and tackle in a day a few of these recipes.



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Project Info

  • My role was to design the UI, UX, and produce the photography. I was also in charge of coding the HTML and CSS.
  • Designed while working at Lista company which I co-founded.