Smart Songs

I built this website using WordPress, as the client was looking for a quick solution that would allow them to post rich content and establish a more direct connection with their fans. 

This new branded platform integrates their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and serves as an outlet to sell their music and products.



Smart Songs Home Page Screen Shot


Tabbed Layout
To break the content of the Songs page, we used a tabbed layout. This allowed us to place the call to action in a more predominant place, adding focus to it with the use of iconography.

Tabs on the Songs Page


YouTube Videos and Comments
Bringing SmartSongs musical videos from YouTube was a must for this project. However key for this was to bring as well the comments on those videos, since they had already a big fan base accessing their videos from YouTube.

YouTube Videos and Comments


Rich Media and PayPal Buttons
This site includes an online store for the band to sell their music and other products. With this in mind, the store was setup to serve both the display of music samples, and finished products, by providing music players and galleries of images that can be used alternatively.


Project Info

  • My role was to design the website UI, and to code the HTML and the CSS that supports the WordPress theme.
  • This was a direct contract with Smart Songs.