UX for Seasonal Meal Plans

The idea of the Seasonal Meal Plans service was to provide ready-to-go meal plans that used seasonal ingredients. These meal plans would allow people to make the most out of fresh produce available at Farmers Markets and CSA boxes while cutting out time on meal planning.

We wanted these meal plans to feel like a “treat” you would give yourself from time to time, not having to think much about what to cook but still cook healthy and delicious meals. So besides providing recipe ideas to cooking with, we included an organized shopping list, a listing of the ingredients used with possible substitutions, plus bonus recipes that would use up all of the fresh ingredients included in the shopping list.

As we structured the user flow we determined that it was important for users to be able to access and save meal plans from different locations on the app. These included the Homepage, the Meal Plans page (or Meal Plans Archive), and the Meal Plan details.


We also identified “Saving a Meal Plan” as a point of user conversion on the flow, which meant that we needed two versions of the Meal Plan Details page. One version would show the recipes included in the meal plan and the reasons why to “cook” or “save” the meal plan. The second version, shown after the user would “save” the meal plan, would contain a game plan for cooking the meals, which consisted of a listing of the ingredients used in the meal plan and how these could be substituted, a grocery list, and make ahead recipes to make cooking during the week easier.



In initial wireframes we proposed cross selling other app features on the Meal Plans Details page. However after gaining more understating of what the product had to offer it made more sense to optimize the layout and focus the attention to the contents of the meal plan, either to promote it or to show its contents.


After releasing the service we have realized that another point of possible conversion in the flow are the individual recipes that users can find through recipe search. These are currently available without having to register or be logged in, which serves as a good way of bringing traffic to the app. However by promoting the meal plan they make part of on this page, we could entice users to save the meal plan and if they don’t have an account convert the user.

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Project Info

  • My role was to design the UI, UX, and produce the photography. I was also in charge of coding the HTML and CSS.
  • Designed while working at Lista company which I co-founded.